The La Banderita Story

When Veronica Moreno, founder and president of Olé Mexican Foods Inc, emigrated to the United States from Mexico in 1977 at age of 21, she quickly realised the 'tortillas' available in her new country did not stand up to the flavoursome corn and flour ones of her youth.

Although Veronica had no professional training in food manufacturing, she had all the key ingredients to start a successful business – a great idea, a quality product and a hungry market. As the Hispanic population grew in America  over the 20th century, so did people’s appetites for Mexican cuisine throughout the USA. Mrs Moreno and her husband Eduardo built the business from rather humble beginnings in 1988 selling corn tortillas and chips to friends and locals in Atlanta, Georgia to what is now today ~  a multimillion-dollar international company, and the largest privately owned tortilla maker in the USA! 

Now La Banderita has grown to become one of America's favourite tortillas, being sold coast to coast across the USA in the best retailers and restaurants, and also distributed to many international markets around the world. 

A love for this type of food is seemingly ubiquitous around the world and Australia is now the largest market for La Banderita outside of the USA. We are proud that our deliciously authentic La Banderita tortillas have also become Australia's favourite too!

Justine Schofield

"I love cooking Mexican food, whether it’s a quick snack, weeknight dinner or feeding the masses at 'Fiesta'. Simple dishes packed with flavour; Mexican is perfect for our Aussie lifestyle.

The key to delicious Mexican food is using authentic and quality ingredients, La Banderita products are the best on the market. Their tortillas are the softest and freshest available, once you have tried them, I promise you will never go back! I'm thrilled to be working with, and developing recipes for a brand so rich in history and authenticity, who places 'product quality' above all else."

Justine Scofield