Baja-Style Grilled Fish Tacos

  • 15min

  • Serves 4

  • MED

Step 1

For the jalapeño crema place all ingredients into a small blender or use a jug and stick blender and blend until a smooth sauce forms. Place in the fridge until ready serve.

Step 2

Cut the fish fillets in half lengthways. Drizzle oil all over fish and season with salt. Sprinkle paprika on the flesh side only. Heat a grill pan or BBQ over a high heat and cook fish, skin side first for 3-4 minutes. Turn and cook for a further minute.

Step 3

Dress the cabbage with lime juice, a splash of oil and salt.

Step 4

Heat the tacos in a pan over a medium heat for 1 minute on each side. Keep warm in a clean tea towel.

Step 5

To serve, place a small mound of the cabbage onto each taco, top with fish and drizzle crema over the top. Serve with extra coriander, mint and lime wedges.