Chorizo Sausage Tacos

with Charred Vegetable Salsa

  • 25min

  • Serves 6

  • MED

Step 1

For the salsa, heat the barbecue or oven grill to hot. Cook the capsicum, onion, chillies, garlic and tomatoes on the barbecue or under the grill for 25 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, until the tomatoes have blistered and the vegetables are blackened all over (the tomatoes will only take 10 minutes). Place the vegetables in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap to sweat for 10 minutes.

Step 2

Peel and remove all the seeds from the capsicum and chilli and peel off the outer skin from the onion and tomato. Roughly chop the vegetables. Unwrap the garlic from the foil, squeeze the soft flesh from the skins and place in a mortar with the cumin seeds. Add a pinch of salt and pound until a puree forms. Add the lemon juice, honey and oil and stir to combine. Add the chopped vegetables and bruise to form a chunky puree.

Step 3

Brush chorizo sausages with oil and grill on a bbq or in a pan.

Step 4

Warm the tortillas in a pan over a medium heat for 1 minute on each side. Keep warm in a clean tea towel.

Step 5

Serve sausages in warm tortillas with salsa and a sprinkle of parsley.